Friday, July 20, 2012

Hot Stretch

  I guess I'm not alone when I say we are in a bit of a hot stretch of weather. So humid, all you can do is stay inside with the air conditioning. Except when I work. Every day. I drive around in my little truck that feels more like an oven. For at least 4 hours. I wrap a bandana  around my head to keep the sweat out of my eyes. Then friendly folks come up and say, "Hot enough for ya?" Yup. But I'll take this over twenty below any day. Just bring me some cold water. Thank You.
   The other day it was super hot out while I was delivering mail. I pulled up to this one driveway and there was a little girl sitting there with a lemonade stand. I always feel like I have to buy some. Just because ,I used to be that little girl and it was hard to convince people to buy mine. So when I stop , I say, "Wow! How did you know that was exactly what I needed!" She giggled and poured me a cup. Then I asked, "How much is this nice cold drink?" She looked at me without blinking and said, "One dollar." She looked inocent, but I guess she didn't want to be out there very long. In my day, lemonade was usually 25 cents and it took forever to sell the whole pitcher. But I also had to make it myself and it usually got watered down from the ice melting. I said, "OK" and dug a dollar out of my purse. As she handed me the cup she said, "It's MinuteMaid!". I had to laugh, at least I paid for the good stuff. Hah! And did it ever hit the spot!
   Well, we did get some rain the last two days. My garden loved that! A nice summer soaker. I wish I could send some to all the farmers that need it. Wish I could bottle the smell of rain on a cornfield. Hope you all stay cool.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Still Pluggin' Along

  Well, things have been moving along. I'm back to work at the Post Office. But, because of the injuries to my right wrist, I had to give up the monogramming. I really enjoyed it and have made some awesome gifts over the years. Although, repetitive hooping took me out of the productivity of it. I still have pain when I'm delivering mail, but, I need my job. Hubby is back to work now too. All we can do is wait and see what happens. Lawsuit yet to be. This really took a large toll on us, physically,mentally and financially. And so much more. Trying to get life back to normal. I've got my garden in. I put extra mulch on, so I hope less weeding, which means less bending. I'm a little bit slower getting up again. Apprieciating it all more. Finally got a long weekend off, and I come down with a virus. So, I'm in bed with what I thought was strep throat. Glad its just a virus cause I can'y get ahold of my doctor on Memorial Weekend for antibiotics. I'm not here to whine. Just wanted update you all. I do get around to peek at your blogs. Stay healthy, stay happy, and LOOK for motorcycles.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Been Awhile

   I can't believe I haven't posted in almost a year! I miss you guys! It was so much easier access on hotmail. I'll give you all a short update on whats going on with me. Then I'll have to take a blog-walk and catch up with you.
  Winter went on forever. Summer came and it was mild and glorious. At the end of August, I went for a ride on the Harley with my Hubby. We were only going to be gone less than an hour. We cruised some backroads to the next town and were circling back to head for home. A Cadillac Escalade didn't see us and took a left hand turn right into us. I flew about 15 feet through the air and landed by the curb. I couldn't move. I tried to look around for my husband and called out to him. He didn't answer me but I could here him moaning and calling for me. I answered him to let him know I was alive. Then people started to show up and an ambulance came. I coudn't rollover and a young gal came over to cover me and keep me calm. I had a broken left pelvis and a fractured right wrist. My hubby broke his left leg in five places and a bone was sticking out of his jeans. He was air lifted to the hospital and I had an ambulance ride. It felt like it took forever and I could feel every bump in the road.
   I won't go through all of it, but we were put in the same trauma room when he got out of surgery. I could not believe this had happened to us. We were such careful riders. We spent about a month in the hospital. When we were released we were both in wheelchairs. Out of work, in pain, on drugs and unable to do hardly anything for our selves. We had to rely on the goodness of our friends and family to do normal everyday things. With therapy, we are now both walking. We are off painkillers and I'm looking forward to going back to work at the end of the month. Hubby will be a little longer, since his injuries were more extensive. The Harley was totaled, but we will probably get another.
   It amazing how one split second can change your whole life. Luckily there  were no internal  injuries. I'm happy to be alive.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yep, Its Hibernating Time

   I don't go out unless I HAVE to. Except to work, that is. But, after spending 4 hours a day delivering mail in the cold stuff, its no wonder. I don't have a plug in on my truck either, so I go out before bedtime and start her up. Brrrr!
    At least I had the good sense to put together some chili last night. This morning I put it in the crockpot and let it simmer all day while I was at work. The house smells so warm and yummy! I have to run to the store though. I ran out of milk and I need to make some cornbread. While I'm there I'll pick up some hotdogs and buns for chili-dogs tomorrow!
   Next weekend is the start of the Winter Carnival. I'm excited to see the new ice and snow sculptures. Of course, I'll take in the orchid show too. It IS my favorite event. This weekend they change the Conservatory over from the Holiday flower display , to the Winter flower display.
   Hopefully the weather will be a little more seasonable then. I would like to see the fireworks show after the Torchlight parade without freezing my tookus off! Wish I could bring you all with me. I be sipping on the hot chocolate for ya! ; )   Stay warm!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lazy weekend

I didn't do much in the way of being productive. I got up late, made omelets and french toast for hubby and I.  Played on the puter, took a nap, then made supper. Stuffed chicken breasts and bisquits. I watched a movie called "Up". It was animated and it took me by surprise because it was so touching.  I teared up. The elderly man in the movie resembled my father. His deep love for my mother and his gentle kindness. Well, I just miss them both. Alright, enough of that. Robert DeNiro just won an award on the Golden Globes. Now I can go back to bed. Did I mention that I have tomorrow off work. Martin Luther King Day, thank you very much. Don't be looking for your mail tomorrow. ; )

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year !?! OK

   Gosh, the holidays seemed slow in getting here, but then (BANG!) they were over. The usual planning and anticipation ensued. Then, the solomn magic of the evening and following day. I really don't have to comment on the amount of snow that fell on us. Most of you got a lot too.
   But, however boring this might be, I have a few resolutions.
   First, I miss blogging! I miss sharing my photos! I resolve to figure this site out and get comfortable with it.I was soo comfortable with Windows Live that I could not get my head around them closing it. Why? It was obviously successful. For our demographic, anyway. It had to be something to do with money. I don't like being forced to change.
    Secondly, Fizz has inspired me to increase my random acts of kindness. I doubt I could reach her level of generousity, but I will try to uplift as many people I can.(with out being annoying).
   Thirdly, and I know this is cliche, but, in the last 5 years, I have put on at least 50 extra pounds. I am ashamed of my self and will try to get to healthier weight before I irreversably damage my good health.
   None of these seem unattainable. I will let know how I'm doing. Hopefully because of the first resolution ; )