Sunday, June 17, 2012

Still Pluggin' Along

  Well, things have been moving along. I'm back to work at the Post Office. But, because of the injuries to my right wrist, I had to give up the monogramming. I really enjoyed it and have made some awesome gifts over the years. Although, repetitive hooping took me out of the productivity of it. I still have pain when I'm delivering mail, but, I need my job. Hubby is back to work now too. All we can do is wait and see what happens. Lawsuit yet to be. This really took a large toll on us, physically,mentally and financially. And so much more. Trying to get life back to normal. I've got my garden in. I put extra mulch on, so I hope less weeding, which means less bending. I'm a little bit slower getting up again. Apprieciating it all more. Finally got a long weekend off, and I come down with a virus. So, I'm in bed with what I thought was strep throat. Glad its just a virus cause I can'y get ahold of my doctor on Memorial Weekend for antibiotics. I'm not here to whine. Just wanted update you all. I do get around to peek at your blogs. Stay healthy, stay happy, and LOOK for motorcycles.