Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Been Awhile

   I can't believe I haven't posted in almost a year! I miss you guys! It was so much easier access on hotmail. I'll give you all a short update on whats going on with me. Then I'll have to take a blog-walk and catch up with you.
  Winter went on forever. Summer came and it was mild and glorious. At the end of August, I went for a ride on the Harley with my Hubby. We were only going to be gone less than an hour. We cruised some backroads to the next town and were circling back to head for home. A Cadillac Escalade didn't see us and took a left hand turn right into us. I flew about 15 feet through the air and landed by the curb. I couldn't move. I tried to look around for my husband and called out to him. He didn't answer me but I could here him moaning and calling for me. I answered him to let him know I was alive. Then people started to show up and an ambulance came. I coudn't rollover and a young gal came over to cover me and keep me calm. I had a broken left pelvis and a fractured right wrist. My hubby broke his left leg in five places and a bone was sticking out of his jeans. He was air lifted to the hospital and I had an ambulance ride. It felt like it took forever and I could feel every bump in the road.
   I won't go through all of it, but we were put in the same trauma room when he got out of surgery. I could not believe this had happened to us. We were such careful riders. We spent about a month in the hospital. When we were released we were both in wheelchairs. Out of work, in pain, on drugs and unable to do hardly anything for our selves. We had to rely on the goodness of our friends and family to do normal everyday things. With therapy, we are now both walking. We are off painkillers and I'm looking forward to going back to work at the end of the month. Hubby will be a little longer, since his injuries were more extensive. The Harley was totaled, but we will probably get another.
   It amazing how one split second can change your whole life. Luckily there  were no internal  injuries. I'm happy to be alive.